Industrial scale Seaweed farming
& Anaerobic Digestion

A green energy company changing the future of renewable energy as we know it

Seatech offers a patented fully automated solution to the simultaneous growing and digestion of seaweed on an industrial scale. Providing advanced solutions to the problems we face today – energy, supply, water and waste.

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Our technology

Seatech provides the fundamental technology required for industrializing and automating the seaweed farming and digestion processes.


Our technologies offer a variety of solutions which are applicable to multiple markets.


Processing seaweed and organic waste through the digestion process, resulting in biogas.


Seatech offers modular solutions for seaweed cultuvation using our patented ORCA-SP™.


Seaweed cultivation can serve as a natural filter, decreasing the growth of algal blooms.


ASUR™ can process large amounts of organic waste, converting it to multiple products.


Seaweed to Energy

The process of growing seaweed and turning it into electricity is based on proven technologies. The most critical steps in the process are seaweed growth, pre-treatment of the organic material and high rate digestion.

  • Entirely modular – Customisable systems to fit a variety of requirements.

  • Cleaning bodies of water – Help reduce pollution caused by eutrophication.

  • Reduces fracking – A non-invasive method of energy production.

  • Food source – Offshore productions for animal feed.

  • Protein substitute – Seaweed extracts as an alternative protein source.

  • Co2 reduction – Natural scrubbing of Co2.

  • Pharmaceuticals & Cosmetics – Productions of high-quality Seaweed extracts.

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